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Vox Tonelab for looping (reply from Vox about high freq issue)

Several people emailed me directly about this, so I figured I'd post 
this for any or all to see...

Today I got a message back from Korg/Vox that basically said, "most 
people seem to be happy with the Tonelab as it is so there's no plans 
to fix the problem."  To recap, the tonelab SE's got a really sweet 8 
sec looper that acts very much like an old Digitech PDS8000 along with 
being a decent amp modeler.  The problem is if you're seriously 
considering this piece of gear, budget for a post EQ as the Tonelab's 
really got accentuated high end when using the high gain amp models.  A 
$70 DOD rackmout cleared the issue right up, but if you're planning on 
using this with full range speakers without some sort of high frequency 
padding, you'll be sad if you've got decent high frequency hearing 

The funny thing is my wife (not knowing what had been going on) 
commented, "whatever you just did made it sound a lot less harsh."

So there you have it.  I tried a demo unit at the Guitar Center with a 
Gibson Les Paul and it seemed to have the same high frequency issue.