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Re: Vox Tonelab for looping (reply from Vox about high freq issue)


I take it you can't dial this out with the onboard EQ (tone controls)? 
Does it
have an EQ effect you can add to the chain to help?


--- msottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> Several people emailed me directly about this, so I figured I'd post 
> this for any or all to see...
> Today I got a message back from Korg/Vox that basically said, "most 
> people seem to be happy with the Tonelab as it is so there's no plans 
> to fix the problem."  To recap, the tonelab SE's got a really sweet 8 
> sec looper that acts very much like an old Digitech PDS8000 along with 
> being a decent amp modeler.  The problem is if you're seriously 
> considering this piece of gear, budget for a post EQ as the Tonelab's 
> really got accentuated high end when using the high gain amp models.  A 
> $70 DOD rackmout cleared the issue right up, but if you're planning on 
> using this with full range speakers without some sort of high frequency 
> padding, you'll be sad if you've got decent high frequency hearing 
> left.
> The funny thing is my wife (not knowing what had been going on) 
> commented, "whatever you just did made it sound a lot less harsh."
> So there you have it.  I tried a demo unit at the Guitar Center with a 
> Gibson Les Paul and it seemed to have the same high frequency issue.
> Mark

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