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Re: latency (was: Ebay echoplexi...)

On 2004-06-13, at 23.48, Matthias Grob wrote:

> in praxis with a laptop you get more latency for the direct signal 
> than for the loop, being that the one of the loop can be adjusted, 
> depending on the software we use...

This is only true if you are using "software monitoring" and are 
playing your instruments direct signal through some software. If using 
"direct monitoring", built into the audio interface hardware, there is 
no such latency. This means your instrument is split into two signals 
at the input: one goes to the amp/PA and one goes into the computer 
software to be processed.

>  My mind seems to instantly compensate for this.  I wonder what makes 
> some people so much more sensitive to this than others?  Maybe you get 
> used to it.
> Mark

One of the ideas with doing a sound-check before the a show, when 
touring, is to learn and memorize the latency on that particular stage 
and back-line system. The best way to do a good show is to rely as much 
as possible on the monitoring speakers, not stage amps (since they are 
all placed at a different distance).

All the best

Per Boysen