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Re: Ebay echoplexi... (spoiler: Gibson bashing thread)

>  suddenly, there are 3 EDP's on the bay!!!

Hmm, now the question is, do I trust that Gibson is *actually* going to 
the fraction of the units they did actually decide to pay for (thanks guys!
what a pal!) and do I expect that some of those might actually get to
Musician's Friend where I ordered mine on Feb 3rd back when they were
supposed to ship on Feb 5th and do I hope that maybe my order is early
enough in the queue to actually get one?

Okay, that's three questions. But here's another question ... WTF
Gibson!?!?!?! Have you guys bankrupted yourselves on that "digital guitar"
thing that nobody is going to buy or is it that you guys just don't care or
is it that you're just so incompetent that you can't get it together enough
to fill your obligations to the company that made it for you and the
customers who you have strung along for the past 6 months?

Okay, that's three questions too. But hey, I'm seriously getting pissed off
here. I have a chance to get a used one right now, in the next 4 hours or
trust that they will fulfill my order on the 24th. This has been going on
since February. I know I'll feel like a puts if they actually do ship on 
24th and I've bought a used one on Ebay for more than the price of the new
one. I've seen the ship date at Musician's Friend change every 2 weeks 
January. Every single catalog they've sent me shows the Echoplex as being

I guess I should be happy that I have one Echoplex right now. But I have a
stereo rig and I have the effects before the Echoplex so I can record them
and switch effects for overdubbing and playing live. Right now, I have to
mix my stereo effects to mono, send them through the echoplex which is set
to only playback the loop part then mix them back together and send them to
my amp. That's a pain in the ass, I lose signal quality, and I have more
equipment than I need. All because Gibson has BS'd me for the past 4 months
into thinking I was actually going to get one soon. If they were just 
and said "Look, we don't know when you're getting your damn echoplex. 
what Musician's Friend says the ship date is, we're just stringing them
along to so we get more units on backorder. bwaaaahahahhahhaha! sucker."
then I could have just kept the damaged one that they shipped me the first
time or bought another one on eBay.

Gibson, if you're listening, which I expect that you probably are, take 
of your obligations. You've obviously already lost a lot of customers here.
The longer this drags out, the more customers you are going to lose.

- Dave