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Re: Ebay echoplexi... (spoiler: Gibson bashing thread)

> the point is that gibson has massive profits from idiots who purchase
> their guitars -- many of which are only ever used for decoration and
> not for playing (see eg this
> http://www.gibson.com/whatsnew/pressrelease/2000/dec11a.html) because
> of some sort of Gibson cachet.  I think of them as the Franklin Mint
> of guitar builders.

Haha, that's the tackiest, most idiotic looking guitar I've ever seen in my

> away.  He's been obsessed by this digital guitar idea, never
> understanding that as long as there are lots of guitar pedals and
> tube amplifiers there will NEVER be a market for a digital output for
> a guitar!

Besides, if someone wanted someting like that, Roland has had their 
and V-Bass systems around for years.

It's a nice "concept" idea but it's not going to catch on. They'll sell a
few here and there but they are never going to make their R&D money back. 
my opinion, of course.

> So give up on assuming anything rational will happen from these guys.


- Dave