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Re: Ebay echoplexi... (spoiler: Gibson bashing thread)

Oh I know this for sure......It is why I want to try it out with a laptop
just to see the reaction.

The difference a few ms makes to me, much like it does to you is huge.  
the main reason I have not ventured into the world of guitar synths.  I 
to play ahead of the beat endlessly.  I cannot relax within the loop 
I have to keep my mind on my timing at all points(or a foot on a volume
pedal at all times to fade in the attack).  I can't speak for the VG series
as I have never tried one, and have only a passive interest at best.

I would only switch to a digital rig, and a totally non-pedal/rack digital
rig if I felt the latency was acceptible and I was happy to the degree of
processing I could get out of a Laptop alone(and a stand alone looper or
two, one based on sample/loop and another based on delay/hold(a RC-20 and a
Maneco Looper would probably be my weapons of choice).

Though, I have to admit, I don't get a huge lag from when I hit a note to
when the sound appears(if any at all) with my current rig, but that is more
because I obsess over such things.  The only issues I have ever had were
from moniter systems playing live, which have caused me great degress of
issue, till I figured that they have about 50ms of "lag"(not true lag, but 
can't think of a better term right now).  Then again, I am a solo act, my
amp is enough of a moniter for me to survive in a live context.

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> > Well, I have to say I am pretty uninterested in any analog pedals(I 
> > analog pedal to 15 digital pedals within my rig) or tube amps at this
> point,
> > so I am looking to the digital Gibson as a new alternative.  I will 
> to
> > see how it reacts with a laptop and VST's first.
> The problem with digital is latency (the delay between when you pluck a
> and the time the signal hits your amp). Especially when the sound is 
> processed digitally for modelling and effects. If you have 15 digital
> pedals, everyone of them will potentially delay your signal by some small
> amount. If you don't have true bypass in a pedal then it will delay the
> signal even when it is not turned on.
> Now, if Gibson's digital guitar is turning the string signals into 
> signals, they have to be buffered and processed. I'd imagine that between
> the time you pluck a note and by the time they're processing is done, the
> signal will have been delayed by an amount that I would consider
> unacceptable. They do claim that their digital transport system will
> the signal across 100 meters with a 250 microsecond latency. That's
> inaudible. But that doesn't account for effect processing which is likely
> much bigger source of latency. What's the point of a digital guitar if
> you're not taking advantage of digital effect processing?
> In theory, the idea of a digitally processed and modelled guitar signal 
> great idea. In reality, I feel that any significant latency in the signal
> unacceptable for my purposes. Especially since, as a bass player, I 
> to nail the beat and be in time with my drummer. That is the primary
> I've stayed away from the V-Bass. Before I buy one, I'd have to be 100%
> that the latency is completely inaudible.
> - Dave