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miko writ:

> From: <ArsOcarina@aol.com>
> Subject: Re: OT: FUZZ
>> Well, I figure I may as well pop in with some input on this FUZZY topic
> before it goes away. I currently own  only one distortion pedal, a
> Prescription Electronics "Experience" pedal. I use it VERY, VERY, VERY, 
> sparingly.
>> It's one of the most over-the-top FUZZ boxes I've found. However, like
> cooking with habanero chilies, a little goes a long way. It spends most 
> the time OFF or even OUT of the equipment setup altogether.
> I'd agree about the PE Experience Ted!
> One thing I've found amazing about the pedal, is that at low fuzz 
> it gets a very cool grunt and sounds almost clean, while adding a lot of
> bottom end.
> Next is the octave mode... with lowered guitar volumes, diads create very
> intense ring modulated sounds quite different from the mayhem that comes 
> with high guitar volumes.
> Thirdly, chords and diads in this mode with full guit volume create
> amazingly dense and atonal industrial grind. Perfect for replace mode and
> sus-overdub noise blasts. It's the most versatile fuzz I've ever played.

let me add-just got back from <jmascis> @ slims(ear bleedin!) and everytime
i see him (or in the past-dinosaur jr) i wanna get out my experience pedal 
1. i got #2 but it is nothing like #1-dont ask me why...
the sound of that box is one of the most unique in fuzzdom-i have never
tried different levels going in like is suggested since i have no pots on 
guitars...but working w/ all the parameters that unit offers i get things i
have never heard any other way-its a one o' the kind type thing i think...