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> let me add-just got back from <jmascis> @ slims(ear bleedin!) and
everytime i see him (or in the past-dinosaur jr) i wanna get out my
experience pedal # 1. i got #2 but it is nothing like #1-dont ask me why...
the sound of that box is one of the most unique in fuzzdom-i have never
tried different levels going in like is suggested since i have no pots on 
guitars...but working w/ all the parameters that unit offers i get things i
have never heard any other way-its a one o' the kind type thing i think...

Hey Stanner... A volume pedal in front of your pedal chain could work. Or a
light overdrive with the output set low can accomplish similar things. I've
had a couple of the newer PE Exp's and find my old original is the best of
the bunch. I sold the others.