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From: <ArsOcarina@aol.com>
Subject: Re: OT: FUZZ

> Well, I figure I may as well pop in with some input on this FUZZY topic
before it goes away. I currently own  only one distortion pedal, a
Prescription Electronics "Experience" pedal. I use it VERY, VERY, VERY, 

> It's one of the most over-the-top FUZZ boxes I've found. However, like
cooking with habanero chilies, a little goes a long way. It spends most of
the time OFF or even OUT of the equipment setup altogether.

I'd agree about the PE Experience Ted!

One thing I've found amazing about the pedal, is that at low fuzz settings
it gets a very cool grunt and sounds almost clean, while adding a lot of
bottom end.

Next is the octave mode... with lowered guitar volumes, diads create very
intense ring modulated sounds quite different from the mayhem that comes 
with high guitar volumes.

Thirdly, chords and diads in this mode with full guit volume create
amazingly dense and atonal industrial grind. Perfect for replace mode and
sus-overdub noise blasts. It's the most versatile fuzz I've ever played.