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Re: Advice

Justin Feinstein wrote:

> I just discovered looper's delight--much to my own delight--and am new to
> this group. I'm getting ready to invest in some gear and need advice. 
>I'm a
> hand percussionist, interested in a live looping device (jamman, 
> repeater), but also want something I can use to sample vinyl and CDs for
> home recording (to be done on a Mac) and to loop to play with live. I've
> seen Jamey Haddad (an incredible percussionist) work wonders with a jam 
> live, but wonder if an electrix repeater would make more sense for what 
> trying to do. Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Justin
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Hi Justin,
    Welcome aboard!  Why don't you list some of things that you'd like to 
with your looper, and maybe we can make some good suggestions.  First of 
The Electrix Repeater is discontinued.  You'd have to buy one used from 
For a hand percussionist, I imagine that the Repeater would be a good 
becuase it has seperate tracks that you can mix.  The EDP (Gibson Echoplex
Digital Pro) is probably the most sophisticated looper, and has really 
rhythmic time.  It's probably the strongest rhythmic looper.  I would 
checking out percussionist Jon Wagner's website www.jondrums.com.  I 
that he uses a repeater and an EDP.  Also, check out percussionist Rick
Walker's site www.looppool.info for lots of cool percussive looping.

Have fun,