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RE: Ultimate EDP Controller

> actually the note-On /Off configuration is useless on this 
> device.
> You'd have to use CC to control an EDP.
> ( which should work)

Which is fine since I was planning on using CC messages anyway.
I do know a guy who does use the note On/Off mode with the FC-200
though ... although he actually uses it to generate tones on a
synth module.

> but you can't send CC and prog. change from the same bank.
> (so not as good as Behringer FCB1010 for EDP prog change and control)
> I only looked at the manual (specifically with EDP in mind) 
> so I could be wrong, but it seemed to only send 
> instructions on one MIDI channel at a time.
> Is that right?
> (not a problem for just 1 edp of course)

That is correct (I used to have one and got rid of it). But my plan
now is to make it a dedicated EDP controller. For the rest of my
rig, I am using a Rocktron All Access.

If it works out, I'll let you know. Actually, if it doesn't I'll
let you know that as well.