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Re: Advice

--- Justin Feinstein <justinfeinstein@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I just discovered looper's delight--much to my own delight--and am new 
> this group. I'm getting ready to invest in some gear and need advice. 
>I'm a 
> hand percussionist, interested in a live looping device (jamman, 
> repeater), but also want something I can use to sample vinyl and CDs for 
> home recording (to be done on a Mac) and to loop to play with live. I've 
> seen Jamey Haddad (an incredible percussionist) work wonders with a jam 
> live, but wonder if an electrix repeater would make more sense for what 
> trying to do. Any suggestions?

I think the Repeater would be an excellent tool for what you're talking 
doing (including the other msg that I didn't quote). It has built in RIAA
compensated inputs for use with your turntable and was actually designed 
marketed with DJs in mind. The Beat Detect and Loop Point Assist functions 
get clean loops from incoming material (CDs, vinyl, etc), and the time 
and pitch manipulation options allow a lot of room to mutate things you've

You mentioned something about using prerecorded loops/samples in your live
performances. The Repeater is ideal for that, since you can save lots of 
loops on
compact flash cards and quickly recall them (then add to them or remix the
multiple tracks). 

As far as interfacing with your computer, it has an S/PDIF digital output. 
haven't used that on mine, but if it works ok it'd be a great way to 
transfer the
audio without an extra DA conversion.


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