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Re: CD Review Spam: "Normalized" reviewed by ebong.org

On 03-11-26 05.05,  "Andre LaFosse" <altruist@earthlink.net> wrote:

> http://www.ebong.org
> ...aka the European Jam Consortium.  The reviewer really did his
> homework, and gives not just a review of the CD, but a very
> comprehensive account of looping in general, with a slant towards its
> use in the jamband realm via Keller Williams and Trey Anastasio...
> ----------------------------
> Review: "Normalized"/Andre LaFosse
> by Jibbork Takayama

Thanks for spamming ;-)  Very well written as an article and the very best
review of your music (as it should be). I'm happy to see such a good media
coverage of looping artists.

Best wishes

Per Boysen