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Re: latency info for computers producing audio

You will get the best latency on a PC using a PCI audio interface.  I'd
recommend the Aardvark Direct Pro, or Q10, which offer zero latency input
monitoring.  Very nice.  Didn't realize that other audio interfaces don't
necessarily have zero latency monitoring of a clean input signal, until I
got sold my Aardvark Q10 for a MOTU 828mkII. Oh well.

Firewire is still not as good on PC as it is on Mac.  At least, that is 
the dude at Sweetwater told me who sold me my MOTU.  But, I needed it more
for the standalone mixer, and rear-mounted i/o than for zero latency input

I will tell you that it doesn't run well on a Dell 400Mhz Pentium 2 laptop.
Although, not much does these days...  Anybody got a decent 1Ghz+ laptop
they wanna get rid of for a good cause?