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Re: LD CD compilation

wavecomputer360 wrote:

> apologies if this question has already been answered but is there a new 
> LD compilation CD planned, and if so, how can I contribute a track (to 
> what specifications etc.) ? Thanks,

I think the last couple attempts fizzled.  Speaking from the perspective 
of someone who organized one of "those" compilations (V2), it's a lot of 
work and headache.  Initial interest was high and them faded to 
absolutely nothing.  I still have a few boxes of the CDs floating around 

I think the key to future successful compilations CDs is to release them 
via a site like ampcast.com - where there is essentially no up front 
costs and proceeds can go directly to Kim.

I'd be willing to *help* organize another compilation, but I won't do it 
by myself again (at least not right now!).