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Re: New York EDP clinic and gigs...

Andre -

if you get to NYC, you gotta come to Boston.   Let me know when you're 
to be on the right coast, and I'll try to hook you up with a gig in Boston
or Cambridge while you all this way..

David K

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Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 8:52 PM
Subject: re: New York EDP clinic and gigs...

> In reference to Todd Reynolds, John Mazzarella, et al talking about a
> NYC clinic in late January...
> That would be great fun, fellows - thanks for the interest.  I've just
> gotten confirmation of a show on January 28th in New York, opening for
> David Torn (to say that I'm looking forward to this would be an
> understatement of cosmic proportions!), so if we could arrange something
> around then it'd be great.
> Keep in mind that these things can go on for quite a while - the clinic
> at Kim's this last Saturday went for about three hours with only a
> handful of folks in attendance, and the one in 2002 went even longer.
> In setting up something like this, the ideal situation would be to find
> a spot that can accommodate a fairly large chunk of time for discussion
> and demonstration, where making a bit of noise isn't going to be a
> problem...  (a reasonably large living space could be perfect - Kim
> Flint and his girlfriend did a fantastic job of turning their place into
> one of the most accommodating and inviting performance venues I've
> played in quite a long time.)
> Drop me a line off-list about this, and we'll sort out details.  And
> I'll post more info about the Torn show (and hopefully additional East
> Coast dates) as the time draws closer...
> --Andre LaFosse
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