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Re: Torn In UK

Just got back from seeing the gig in Birmingham - it was an inspiring
evening. Great to meet Mr. Torn again - and Mr. Lawson.
Marc Ducret was incredible got to check out more of his stuff. Looking
forward to hearing the broadcast on BBC radio 3 next Friday.


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Subject: Torn In UK

> been to two of these gigs now (with a third one coming up on Saturday) -
> blimey, what an amazing band! The first half of the set is pretty hard
> (5 saxes often playing very very densely written polytonal/atonal stuff),
> but it's a really really powerful sound, and the second half is
> mindblowing - first up the Arte Saxophone Quartet playing one of Tim's
> pieces, then Tim's quintet with Torn, Ducret, Taborn and Rainey (Tom, not
> Chuck).... incredible band. Ducret has an unbelieveable sense of rhythm,
> Craig Taborn's left hand is now one of my fave bass players... :o)
> On the loopage front, Torn's doing a few bits of guitar atmospherics, and
> also looping and repeaterizing the saxes to great effect (and obviously,
> thanks to the live mics, is getting the rest of the band as well).
> and Wednesday's gig sounded very different - probably the switch from
> concert hall to rock club...
> see you in Birmingham, if you're going
> Steve
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