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RE: Torn In UK

I'll be in birmingham, fancy meeting up for a beer/coffee/tea (delete as 
appropraite) before and possibly after the gig ? (well it is the weekend)

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        From: Steve Lawson [mailto:steve@steve-lawson.co.uk] 
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        Subject: Torn In UK

        been to two of these gigs now (with a third one coming up on 
Saturday) -
        blimey, what an amazing band! The first half of the set is pretty 
hard going
        (5 saxes often playing very very densely written polytonal/atonal 
        but it's a really really powerful sound, and the second half is
        mindblowing - first up the Arte Saxophone Quartet playing one of 
        pieces, then Tim's quintet with Torn, Ducret, Taborn and Rainey 
(Tom, not
        Chuck).... incredible band. Ducret has an unbelieveable sense of 
rhythm, and
        Craig Taborn's left hand is now one of my fave bass players... :o)
        On the loopage front, Torn's doing a few bits of guitar 
atmospherics, and
        also looping and repeaterizing the saxes to great effect (and 
        thanks to the live mics, is getting the rest of the band as well). 
        and Wednesday's gig sounded very different - probably the switch 
        concert hall to rock club...
        see you in Birmingham, if you're going
        www.stevelawson.net (new guestbook/forum here)