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Re: today! - Oakland Echoplex clinic + concert with Andre LaFosse and Jon Wagner

   I'd encourage all the Bay Area loopers who didn't make it to last 
night's concert, to attend tonight's. Last night's effort from Andre 
and Jon was first rate! I imagine tonight will be ever better, now that 
they've had a chance to warm up!

On Nov 22, 2003, at 10:35 AM, Kim Flint wrote:

> Hey bay area loopers, just a reminder this clinic and concert event is 
> today. Should be loads o' fun!
> **************
> The Clinic:
> Looping with the Echoplex Digital Pro and LoopIV
> A clinic with Andre LaFosse and Jon Wagner
> Saturday, November 22, 4:00pm
> 3150 Adeline St. (at 32nd)
> Oakland, CA
> $10 door charge
> Master Echoplex users Andre LaFosse and Jon Wagner will teach a clinic 
> on the finer points of looping and the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. 
> They will cover many of the exciting new features in the LoopIV 
> software for the Echoplex, and spend part of the clinic on techniques 
> for multiple musicians to use looping together. There will be plenty 
> of question and answer time, so bring all your questions about 
> looping!
> ***************
> The Concert:
> Andre LaFosse and Jon Wagner
> Solo and Duo Performances
> Saturday, November 22, 8:00pm
> 3150 Adeline St. (at 32nd)
> Oakland, CA
> $10 door charge, or $5 if you also attend the afternoon clinic
> (nobody turned away for lack of funds)
> Guitarist Andre LaFosse and percussionist Jon Wagner bring their 
> innovative approaches to live electronic music to Oaktown. Both 
> artists use electric and acoustic instruments along with electronic 
> processing equipment to create "loops" of repeating music which evolve 
> over time. Andre has recently released a new solo album "Normalized" 
> that will be available for sale at this show. They will each do a solo 
> set and then join together as a duo.
> ***
> The Artists:
> Andre LaFosse
> Guitarist Andre LaFosse has been looping exclusively with the Gibson 
> Echoplex
> Digital Pro for eight years, and in that time has built a reputation as
> one of the more iconoclastic and unusual practitioners of the craft.
> Flying in the face of ambient soundscape music, Andre's self-described
> "turntablist guitar" style draws influence from IDM, glitch-core,
> hip-hop, and funk, for a highly dynamic, aggressive, and
> rhythmically-based approach.  He is also the creator of the Echoplex
> Analysis Pages, arguably the first web site to offer annotated musical
> examples of real-time looping, which has drawn thousands of visitors
> since its inception in 2002.  For information and sound samples, visit 
> http://www.altruistmusic.com
> Jon Wagner
> Percussionist Jon Wagner is a professional drummer in the San 
> Francisco Bay Area. He usually plays jazz, but also spends quite some 
> time with percussion and real-time electronic processing. Jon values 
> improvisation as a center to his musical focus and has been interested 
> in the concept of live looping for several years now. Jon is using a 
> Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro and an Electrix Repeater to sample his 
> playing live and recall those loops. This allows him to improvise solo 
> or as part of a group within (and outside) many different genres.
> http://www.jondrums.com
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