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Re: Opening new avenues for looping

>Hi all,
>I layed a regular musicians night last night,did a little acoustic 
>set, then someone noticed i had my DL-4 tucked away in my gig bag.
>  after a bit (a lot) of encouragement, i got up and performed a very 
>paired down looped set..........they loved it.
>this is the deepest carlisle (imagine the sort of place you might 
>have to sit to write lord of the rings.......grass,sheep, cold winde 
>etc) surrounded by old school wannabe folk singers, and all of a 
>sudden im fielding a disscussion forum on looping!!!!it felt quite 
>  Im actually going back in a few weeks to give a little surgery 
>style run down on live looping, which is one of the biggest honours 
>ive ever been asked to do.

I have not been following the list for a while.
are people still banned here when they say that live looping is 
something that exists, whatever it is? :-)

>  Anyways, all of this got me thinking,out of all of the people who 
>were crowding round me at the end of that session , only one was a 
>guitarist, and he had never come across any loop based device.
>  Is it possible that we (or more impportantley the device 
>manufacturers) could do so much more for Looping (and other kinds of 
>effects/manipulation) if they slowly started to introduce the idea 
>to music shops that effects and loopers can be applied to almost any 
>instrument and that they arent the exclusive relm of guitarists.

definitally! I met more non guitarist lately: voices, accordeon, 
flute, percussion, and bass, more bass than guitar... its because you 
can better play melody on the bass than bass on the guitar - unless 
you have a clever octave thing like Polysubbass :-)

>  I dont know what others have experianced, (in fact please write in 
>and say) but I have always had to look around the guitar department 
>for and effect i wanted to buy.

the point is rather the pick up style than the instrument kind: you 
are so much better off if you dont need a microphone... exept for the 
voice which is easy...
but there are pickups available for most instruments today!

>  Last night for example there was a violinist who had wanted fr 
>years to perform siple threepart pieces alone accompanying herself, 
>but had never even thought of looking in a guitar shop for a looper.

I bet he did not have a pick up either. The step to go electric - 
even if its just with a close mic - is so much bigger than to start 
Usually the violinist go into the guitar department after they get a 
pickup - or probably thats the first time they go in there, anyway :-)

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