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Opening new avenues for looping

Hi all,

I layed a regular musicians night last night,did a little acoustic set, 
someone noticed i had my DL-4 tucked away in my gig bag.
  after a bit (a lot) of encouragement, i got up and performed a very 
down looped set..........they loved it.

this is the deepest carlisle (imagine the sort of place you might have to 
sit to write lord of the rings.......grass,sheep, cold winde etc) 
by old school wannabe folk singers, and all of a sudden im fielding a 
disscussion forum on looping!!!!it felt quite absurd.
  Im actually going back in a few weeks to give a little surgery style run 
down on live looping, which is one of the biggest honours ive ever been 
asked to do.

  Anyways, all of this got me thinking,out of all of the people who were 
crowding round me at the end of that session , onle one was a guitarist, 
he had never come across any loop based device.
  Is it possible that we (or more impportantley the device manufacturers) 
could do so much more for Looping (and other kinds of 
if they slowly started to introduce the idea to music shops that effects 
loopers can be applied to almost any instrument and that they arent the 
exclusive relm of guitarists.
  I dont know what others have experianced, (in fact please write in and 
say) but I have always had to look around the guitar department for and 
effect i wanted to buy.
  Last night for example there was a violinist who had wanted fr years to 
perform siple threepart pieces alone accompanying herself, but had never 
even thought of looking in a guitar shop for a looper.

  there is obviously a whole load fo mucisians out there who if given the 
knowlage would  begin furthering out efforts.

anyways, this has kind of got a bit vague and rambling, but you get the 

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