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Re: opening new avenues for looping

Congratulations on your looping experience.

I just wanted to say that at the recent Y2K3 festival that 17 out of 27
loopers were NON-guitarists (well that did include two bassists and a
warwicken, but ask Yngve 'fucking' Malmstein if a bass is a
guitar ---------<nods his head bemusedly in the direction of Brian Kenney

The guitarists, by the way, were wonderfully innovative and I hardly saw an
e-bow the whole time.
The whole 'frippertronics' vibe was, quite honestly,  nowhere to be heard.

Maybe it's time that we redefine who we are in this community.      I think
the ambient Fripp clone image is starting to become outdated
but I only have the festival as my petrie dish.*


* I like ambient guitar music, by the way, just so noone thinks I'm being
'Us and Them' about my comments.