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Re: Opening new avenues for looping

[ "lol c" <testtubemicro@hotmail.com> ] wrote:

>I layed a regular musicians night last night

What, all of them??? ;-)

>this is the deepest carlisle (imagine the sort of place you might have to 
>sit to write lord of the rings.......grass,sheep, cold winde etc) 
>by old school wannabe folk singers, and all of a sudden im fielding a 
>disscussion forum on looping!!!!it felt quite absurd.

Would that be the one in Cumbria (or whatever they're calling it these 
days)? My dad did some of his growing up near there seventy-odd years ago. 
Actually, he was in Cotehill now that I think of it, but not far away. 
'Tis indeed lovely country. My late wife said it was like living in a 
Costable painting. Glad to hear there's some loopy activity there.

James Bailey
host: Electric Storm / A Missing Sense
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