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Re: No Good deed ... was Re:List abuse? (was...Completely Free)

A gentle post (offering a free CD) deserves a gentle response 
(suggesting that the poster would have been better to  ask users to 
direct their responses off-list).

An un-gentle post (calling the person who offered the CD abusive) 
deserves a less gentle response.

At 12:23 PM -0800 11/21/03, Nic Roozeboom wrote:
>Emile Tobenfeld wrote:
>>and what would have been wrong with a gentle email suggesting this 
>>instead of throwing terms like list abuse around?
>Please explain how your posting is better. Is it gentler, and does 
>it avoid throwing terms like 'bureaucrat' around?
>>This sounds like another case of "No good deed goes unpunished.", 
>>which is an attitude I prefer to associate with bureaucrats than 
>>with experimental musicians.
>Perhaps your analysis is flawed:
>(quoted from the original posting):
>1. "I'm giving ten copies away free ...
>2. "... to the next ten people that email the list and write, "send 
>me Zen Engine!"  Please do not email my personal address, just the 
>Looper's Delight list."
>No-one had any concerns with the first (the 'good deed'). The 
>objections were aimed at the second, and rightfully so. Do you have 
>any suggestions for a non-offensive, politically correct synonym for 
>"list abuse"?
>In this light, would you care to reformulate your previous posting, 
>this time avoiding careless public insults?
>Oh.. I can't speak for Rick, but I think I might prefer your reply 
>Best regards,
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"Freedom is a scary thing --- So precious, so easy to lose".
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