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Re: $$$

unfortunately, i think that "state" that i create with the acoustic stuff
was sort of the antithesis of the state that i create with tech.   that
stuff is very consciously appalachian "pure" acoustic.   that's my problem,
i guess.  i love to do crazy tech but can't get an audience for it.   i 
like doing the acoustic stuff, but the locals seem to respond better to it.
i have mixed the two and found it personally gratifying, to a degree, and i
developed some techniques.  unfortunately, i just put my hands on a looper
and i always want to get totally crazy with it.
in answer to your question:  i would say that the market for really 
stuff has been down a little.   however, it seems like it might be picking
up.  it's like in the 70's and 80's people were wowed by tech, through the
90's they have gotten steadily more jaded and reactionary to it, but now
tech is ubiquitous and even being a musical luddite is becoming virtually
impossible.   i think people are getting ready to see some real tech flex,
if you know what i mean.   i'm hoping that the atmosphere that allowed
reception for throbbing gristle and brian eno is about to roll around 


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> i starting to make money with a few hundred dollars of string and wood
> and i have five grand sunk in crap that will never sell an album.
> ----->The few hundred dollar hunka hunka whatever didn't make the money
> you.  I am willing to guess that it was the "state" you were able to
> with it that convinced people to give you their money.  Find a way to do
> same thing with a looper and you can get the same money--but probably not
> more, because the market for what you can do with the cheaper thing pays
> same no matter how much other gear you have.
> Here'a a question for the performers on this list--are there fewer gigs 
> your area than, say, ten years ago?
> Gary
> PS  Still no New Year's gig,
> G