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RE: No Good deed ... was Re:List abuse? (was...Completely Free)

----->If he gives free copies away to everyone who responds, is it still
list abuse?
PS  I haven't bellied up to the trough yet for my free lunch &8>)

Gary Lehmann

Candy Meyer, RN, BSN

HealthQuest Recruiters

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Subject: Re: No Good deed ... was Re:List abuse? (was...Completely Free)

Emile Tobenfeld wrote:
>and what would have been wrong with a gentle email suggesting this instead
>of throwing terms like list abuse around?

Please explain how your posting is better. Is it gentler, and does it avoid
throwing terms like 'bureaucrat' around?

>This sounds like another case of "No good deed goes unpunished.", which is
>an attitude I prefer to associate with bureaucrats than with experimental

Perhaps your analysis is flawed:
(quoted from the original posting):
1. "I'm giving ten copies away free ...
2. "... to the next ten people that email the list and write, "send me Zen
Engine!"  Please do not email my personal address, just the Looper's 

No-one had any concerns with the first (the 'good deed'). The objections
were aimed at the second, and rightfully so. Do you have any suggestions 
a non-offensive, politically correct synonym for "list abuse"?

In this light, would you care to reformulate your previous posting, this
time avoiding careless public insults?

Oh.. I can't speak for Rick, but I think I might prefer your reply on-list.

Best regards,

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