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RE: Torn in London

This is from John Zorn listserve, may be of interest for you (lucky) 
Brits who get to see these show. Hey, I guess it's your reward for 
putting up with our alleged president at the moment...

When I first heard about these shows, I was assuming that Torn was 
replacing marc Ducret, but no, it looks like you get both. Ducret is 
a really wonderful player, I'd urge anyone not to miss these shows.
>Tim Berne and Science Friction together with the Arte Saxophone Quartett 
>David Torn played Exeter UK last night.
>It was a great evening. It started with Berne, Ducret (on acoustic guitar)
>and the quartet playing Quicksand then they were joined by Craig Taborn, 
>Rainey and David Torn for a special commission from the BBC called 
>(Still) "How pretentious, now that I've said it out loud!"
>The second half began with a saxophone quartet piece and ended with a long
>improv/medley of Science Friction with Torn.
>Torn played far more guitar than I expected and was less involved with
>shaping the whole band sound. He spent most of the time adding atmospheric
>guitar parts with occasional treatments of the quartet. He was quite 
>to leave the actual guitar leads to Ducret who was ripping it up like a
>bastard child of David Fiuczynski and Derek Bailey.
>Anybody on the list who can make LONDON Queen Elizabeth Hall tonight;
>OXFORD Thurs; HUDDERSFIELD Friday or BIRMINGHAM Saturday make the effort,
>you won't regret it. Too bad that they were blown out by a promoter for 
>Manchester gig on Monday night.
>Richard Gardner