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Momentary (was EDP w/RFX midi buddy)

--- Relay <relaydelayband@earthlink.net> wrote:
> ----->Doesn't have to be momentary, but that is a
> nice addition.  Just has
> to be able to send note on and off.
> Gary

Wouldn't that qualify as behaving like a momentary
switch? It sends a note on when you press & a note
off when you release?


----->Good point.  I am generalizing . . . the PMC-10 can act as a 
and do just that, but for example, if you do that with the record message,
the unit resets itself waiting for the note off (thinks it's a long press).
So one must send note on and off with a single string.  And that is not a
switch being used as a momentary.
None of the seven EFC-7 commands needs to be a MIDI momentary switch--all
can be effected with a single string of sysx.  The PC-1600 can do this--be
configured with single sring presses to simulate front panel control.