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Re: Controllers & Expression Pedals (was: FCB1010 wishlist)

>My problem is simple: I'm looking for a foot pedal that will let me 
>program its expression pedal continuous controller information as 
>well as its MIDI channel on a per-patch basis.  For example, if I 
>select patch 15, I could have Expression Pedal #A set up to control 
>Volume for the device on MIDI channel 2 (in addition to any other 
>program change and/or CC information spit out by that patch).  When 
>I jump to patch 16, however, I need that same Expression Pedal #A to 
>control Aftertouch on MIDI channel 13.

I'm pretty sure a Ground Control Pro (or Rocktron All Access) and 
Boss (maybe also Ernie Ball) expression pedal can do it. Right? 
Anyone else care to correct me if I'm wrong?