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Re: FCB1010 wishlist (was: LD Community)

> controller...I think we all would have paid $20 more for more memory, or
> ability to assign CCs per patch rather than globally.
> I have 1 exp pedal to control feedback in the EDP, 1 for the volume of my
> synth...none left over for a wah. Woe is me.
> Thank you for your continuing efforts to unravel this thing.

Wait.  Dave...

I think you *can* assign different CC's to the expression pedals, depending
on the patch you've chosen.  In fact, it's one of the things that makes
programming a bank full of patches on the FCB a PITA... each patch has to
have the expression pedal(s) turned on, and set to the appropriate CC#.
What you *can't* change is the MIDI channel that each one transmits on.

Or have I had a mental lapse? :)