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Controllers & Expression Pedals (was: FCB1010 wishlist)

This recent discussion of foot controllers has once again started me 
looking at expanding beyond the simple FS300 I use with my 
Repeater.  However, I seem to keep running into the same issue regarding 
the flexibility of programming the expression pedals.

My problem is simple: I'm looking for a foot pedal that will let me 
its expression pedal continuous controller information as well as its MIDI 
channel on a per-patch basis.  For example, if I select patch 15, I could 
have Expression Pedal #A set up to control Volume for the device on MIDI 
channel 2 (in addition to any other program change and/or CC information 
spit out by that patch).  When I jump to patch 16, however, I need that 
same Expression Pedal #A to control Aftertouch on MIDI channel 13.

Are there any *currently manufactured* MIDI foot controllers that 
this simple function?  (and yep, i could probably go ebay sniping for used 
gear, but i'd feel more comfortable with new gear in this one circumstance 
if at all possible).

I'd so far been seriously considering either the Behringer FCB1010 or the 
Yamaha MFC10, but (as has been discussed here in the case of the 
both of them seem to be afflicted with an inability to support this.  Ack!



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