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Re: Help about setting up a computer-based rig

On 03-11-17 15.35,  "Louie Angulo" <laab2000us@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Per,
> What are you using instead of a mixer now?

- Knobs on device panels.
- Behringer FCB1010 foot board.
- UC-33 midi mixer (on certain occasions)

I'm repatching the devices from time to time but mostly I'm using the 
send of the Repeater to send sound though a reverb or analog filter bank.
The filter bank has one mono- and one stereo channel and then there is also
an additional stereo input where I sometimes bring (audio from) A groove 
into the signal chain.

Well, strategies keep changing all the time but generally speaking I have
found out that a simple set-up with daisy-chained loopers controlled by 
is more musically intuitive for me to use than a more complex set-up with a
mixer. I tend to trash things up in the EDP and record interesting stuff
into the Repeater (sometimes replaced by a laptop running Ableton Live) on
different tracks. One track is always dedicated for bass, tuned down one or
two octaves. I like picking the bass track  out from the repeater to run it
through the mono channel of the filter bank. I also like to use a 
on the master stereo bus and always inserted after any eventual reverb 
I like the sound to breath in the compressor and the reverb to swell
dynamically and cover up space between notes. When I was using a mixer I
tended to get a more sterile sound (not much pumping, swelling and such).

Sorry for this unstructured post but it's late and I'm hurrying up to gain
sleeping time before I have to wake up in the early morning.

Take care