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Re: Help about setting up a computer-based rig

Hi Per,
What are you using instead of a mixer now?

--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
> On 03-11-17 09.42,  "cristian cascetta"
> <cristian@accord.it> wrote:
> Hi Cristian,
> > As my girlfriend just bought a used IBM Thinkpad,
> I'd like to try some
> That one seems to be a good choice for laptop. At
> least "as good as a laptop
> can be" for looping ;-)
> Your post doesn't say what you are going to record
> or loop but if you're
> idea is to record audio you can have a lot of fun
> with the Ableton Live
> software. But you should know that you can not do
> looping by layering many
> takes by sound-on-sound on top of the same loop. For
> that you you have to
> look into hardware (I recall there are some odd
> software solutions though...
> Check for this at the list archives).
> > - a usb audio capture device: M-audio Audiophile
> I'm using the Audiophile USB with a ThinkPad. Have
> been doing gigs with it
> and it's a fine set-up as long as you are not
> monitoring/playing directly
> through the software, as the latency in USB audio is
> too big. My own
> solution to this problem is to split my instrument
> signal and run one direct
> line into the house PA and another line into the
> USB/laptop.
> I think you should also take a look at the
> Audiophile Quattro. Think about
> what you want to do and maybe this device will serve
> you better?
> http://www.m-audio.com/products/m-audio/quattro.php
> > - a Midi footcontroller: maybe the Behringer
> everybody's talking about
> Good choice! I guess I'm one of those "who talk
> about the Behringer". I'm
> very satisfied with my FC1010.
> > - a behringer mixer
> Got one of those as well. But I stopped using it
> since I hate the sound of
> it. It's small, cute and well designed, though ;-)
> > - a Zoom RT-123 drum machine (with only Midi-In)
> My Grovebox does'n have a midi though so I put it
> last in the midi chain.
> > - my girlfriend's Yamaha P-80 piano (with midi in,
> out and thru)
> Got one of those too... But don't know about that
> piano ;-)
> -- 
> Best wishes
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se
> www.looproom.com


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