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RE: FCB1010 wishlist (was: LD Community)

Title: RE: FCB1010 wishlist (was: LD Community)
There is a wishlist already sent weekly to support@behringer.de from the Yahoo FCB group (I am the one sending it). Make another one, and send it weekly- maybe someone will listen. On this list, we get used to the designers being on the list...with Behringer, there are seemingly simple improvements that can be made to their pedal to make it better. The software editor that an FCB list member came up with is a must, as well. Go ahead, email Behringer!

Dave Eichenberger


>   I try to gather a FCB1010 software upgrade wishlist in
>   this community to send to behringer but i got very
>   little response ...how many of us are using the
>   FCB1010?

I've got one- never used it. been put off by the having-to-learn-a-new-programming-technique thing, but I would surely contribute to a wishlist straight away. I'd like it to support a mode whereby each footswitch can be programmed in isolation to send strings of midi commands, like the buttons on a pc1600....