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Looping in Las Vegas

Hi everbody--
Just got back from the Las Vegas Craft Festival (no, Fripp wasn't there :>)
and have a report to issue--
First off, I WAS allowed to present a good solid ten-fifteen minutes of 
stuff that was fairly well received (applause!) using the EDP--it first
manifested the endless scroll, so I reseated (well I pushed down on) the 
with legs (should I be saying that a different way?) and all was well.  The
source material (me) was very straight forward, acoustic guitar playing
improvised melodies (I did do Sweet Georgia Brown, works for me).
The sound man, David Blonski, is one of those people we are discussing now,
a looper (he just bought the RC, said he could afford the EDP) unaware of
this little cozy online coffee klatch.  He sure understood what I was 
So I am sending him the url--his is
He is a dig/flute /percussion man, so looping is perfect for what he does.
All for now, loop on . . .