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Re: Echoplex Input issues.(i think)

there is a noise gate on the input, but if you can actually hear it so 
obviously your input level is set way too low. Turn the input up higher. 
(or you have a really old software version, the gate level was set too 
in the earliest versions.)

At 02:09 AM 11/17/2003, lol c wrote:
>Hi all
>Those who have been following my rather shakey first foray into the EDP 
>owning world will know by now that ive been having a few problems, well 
>this weekend Ive had no stutters , resets or distorted signals, I have 
>found a new problem.
>I was trying to record a ebow loop which fades in from nothing when i 
>noticed that on the recorded loop the ebow comes in suddenly and with a 
>distinct beginning (as opposed to a pure fade in from 0) the same also 
>happens on the fade out.

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