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Echoplex Input issues.(i think)

Hi all

Those who have been following my rather shakey first foray into the EDP 
owning world will know by now that ive been having a few problems, well 
weekend Ive had no stutters , resets or distorted signals, I have however  
found a new problem.

I was trying to record a ebow loop which fades in from nothing when i 
noticed that on the recorded loop the ebow comes in suddenly and with a 
distinct beginning (as opposed to a pure fade in from 0) the same also 
happens on the fade out.

I began to investegate further:

I recorded a loop with about 2 seconds of silence before bringing in 
(alternate tests) either a guitar volume fade up or an ebowed note. I held 
the note for 4sec and faded out to complete silence before defining the 

Same result.

Is this the "limiter" i have heard mentioned kicking in? is there a way 
around it? are there Input/outpt setings that could correct it?(am 
set 12 oclock both settings which is fine for chords etc.

Im not using any form of limiting and I do get a "pure" fade up on the 
direct signal (and indeed on my DL-4 loops)


  I guess if it is a "nature of the beast" thing  I can live with is to a 
point (at least its not deffective), but im beginnging to get just a 
jaded as the the edps reliability and supposed quality that made it the 
item that i thought i really needed for my looping.

Yours Hopefully


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