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I think there are a heck of a lot of people who would sign up here, see all
the bickering and nonsense, and unsub due to the massively high sig/noise
ratio that occurs at times on the list. Very few people I know have the 
to read and process all the stuff that goes on on here - I certainly don't!
:o) I read less and less of the posts here, just scanning the headers for
something of interest.

I also think that a lot of musicians are just too into making music to
bother discussing it endlessly online. I'm sure there are players whose
approach to learning about a form is to read product reviews, listen to 
artists, then just futz around with the gear until they get a vibe, rather
than come here and ask questions about the nature of looping. Or they'll 
them to specific players who are lurking elsewhere on the net. A lot of the
people who use looping that I know are using DL4s and Headrushes and RC-20s
for some pretty basic functions, so the notion of a loop list is kind of a
like 'Chorus Delight' or 'Tremelo Delight' to them - it just doesn't get
under the radar.

I stick around cos I've made some cool friends here, and by scanning the
headers I get the occasional bit of interesting info. but I certainly don't
look to LD for much in the way of changing my thinking about music or
looping. If I want EDP tips I'll go to 'Dre's outstanding tutorial, and
anything else I can work out. I could get more happening in terms of
conceptual looping approaches by spending an hour toying with the G2,
putting the looper between different kinds of effects than I could by
rummaging through the archives searching for 'new loop ideas'...

It's just a function of the net - some people gravitate towards
cyber-community, others don't. No biggie... :o)

www.stevelawson.net (new guestbook/forum here, live looping video, MP3s,
etc. etc.)