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> From: Steve Lawson [mailto:steve@steve-lawson.co.uk]

> I also think that a lot of musicians are just too into making music to
> bother discussing it endlessly online. I'm sure there are players whose
> approach to learning about a form is to read product reviews,
> listen to some artists, then just futz around with the gear until they
> get a vibe, rather than come here and ask questions about the nature of
> looping. Or they'll ask them to specific players who are lurking 
> on the net. A lot of the people who use looping that I know are using 
> and Headrushes and RC-20s for some pretty basic functions, so the notion
> of a loop list is kind of a like 'Chorus Delight' or 'Tremelo Delight' to
> them - it just doesn't get under the radar.

I agree... I think that's a big part of the "where are the other loopers"

I know of a half-dozen looping guitar players on the jazz guitar Usenet
group, and another half-dozen or so on the acoustic guitar Usenet group.
I've mentioned Looper's Delight as a resource several times, but they'll
probably never show up here as full-time participants.

These musicians use looping to simulate a backup musician in traditional
song formats. They're not interested in ambient regenerative loops, or
topics discussed in the "Why use 2 loopers?" thread like sliding two loops
against each other in pitch or time. That's a totally foreign concept.
They're using loopers as basic tools, like a distortion or chorus pedal.
It's a way to solo on top of a chord sequence.

So there's two things going on here... they don't NEED a deep discussion of
looping techniques, and two, they probably can't relate to the 
ambient/texture (or whatever the heck you call it) musical style of many
musicians on this list.

P.S. I'm a 'trad song format looper, and I have no problem with what I see
as a pretty strong "ambient/texture/soundscape" bias on this list. I just
cherry-pick the topics I'm interested in. But I skip a lot of stuff, just
because I don't have TIME to interact fully, and the ambient stuff isn't my
personal thing.

Mike Barrs