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LD Community

I think as a community we should also focus on getting
the attention of some of the companies who are
building devices for us like behringer for example.The
FCB1010 is probably the bes Foot controller on the
market for the money now and the best thing about it
is that it is upgradable.But it certainly could use
another upgrade like being able to configure more than
one device to send ccs and note ons/off etc... or a
toggle light switch status for example.This would make
repeater users happy who often work with the track
muting function like me!
I try to gather a FCB1010 software upgrade wishlist in
this community to send to behringer but i got very
little response ...how many of us are using the

--- "loop.pool" <rickwalker@looppool.info> wrote:
> Dear Doug,
> Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us a bit
> more about who we are
> here.
> It was a lot of work and it is really interesting to
> read.   L.D. owes you a
> large debt of gratitude.
> Now the results:    I'm actually a bit surprised
> that the total numbers are
> as low as they are.
> No wonder the people at Line 6 just couldn't be
> bothered when we asked them
> to add
> midi clock syncability to their DL4 (boy that pissed
> me off one NAMM after
> the Echo Pro
> was released without that obvious function).
> I also know because I have been meeting live loopers
> coming out of the wazoo
> lately who are not
> on Loopers Delight, so there are obviously a lot
> more statistics to be
> revealed in time.
> Which brings me to the subject of my next post (see
> the next one
> chronologically on this list)
> Ciao for now..........Rick Walker
> Don't worry Doug, lol,  I


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