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Re: interpreting the LOOPING TOOLS list and an appreciation

The thing to remember is that this e-list is very heavily slanted toward 
EDP -- as it's known as a resource where the EDP designers regularly
contribute and answer questions.

As was pointed out by the Boomerang posters - with that tool you just plug
in and away you go.I imagine for DL4 users reading about this "expensive"
EDP thing is just a tease and unnecessary for them.

Placing this question in some fashion on the home page and seeing the
results from that would yield somewhat different results.

Is that possible?


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Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2003 6:32 AM
Subject: interpreting the LOOPING TOOLS list and an appreciation

> Dear Doug,
> Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us a bit more about who we are
> here.
> It was a lot of work and it is really interesting to read.   L.D. owes 
> large debt of gratitude.
> Now the results:    I'm actually a bit surprised that the total numbers
> as low as they are.
> No wonder the people at Line 6 just couldn't be bothered when we asked
> to add
> midi clock syncability to their DL4 (boy that pissed me off one NAMM 
> the Echo Pro
> was released without that obvious function).
> I also know because I have been meeting live loopers coming out of the
> lately who are not
> on Loopers Delight, so there are obviously a lot more statistics to be
> revealed in time.
> Which brings me to the subject of my next post (see the next one
> chronologically on this list)
> Ciao for now..........Rick Walker
> Don't worry Doug, lol,  I