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power adapters (was RE: Line 6 DL4 users)

Musicians Fiend has the Visual Sound 1 Spot and multiplug cable in a 
bundle deal for 25 : 

The page says the bundle includes the MP-4 (the old 4 plug model) but I 
received an MP-5 (the new 5 plug model) cable when my order arrived.

The line 6 converter for the 1 spot would be another 2.50 : 

The Visual Sound FAQ page ( http://visualsound.net/FAQpage.html ) says 
this about Line 6 power requirements:
How does the 1 SPOT work with Line 6 modeling pedals? Don't they require 
AC and use 1200mA of current?
Well, it does say "9VAC 1200mA" on the back of the Line 6 pedals, but they 
don't really use that. That is simply the output rating of the POD adapter 
which the modeling pedals also use. If you think about it, the Line 6 
pedals take batteries, don't they? Batteries are DC, not AC, so the pedals 
must really run on DC voltage. So how do they work with a 9VAC POD 
adapter? The modeling pedals have a bridge rectifier at the power input 
jack which immediately converts AC to DC where the adapter plugs in. And 
regarding the 1200mA of current the pedals are supposedly using, it's 
really more in the range of 350mA. That's still more than an average 
adapter can handle, but the 1 SPOT can handle two Line 6 pedals and have 
plenty of juice left over for several ordinary stomp boxes. Why Line 6 
didn't come out with a separate adapter for the modeling pedals, I don't 
know, but the 1 SPOT makes an excellent alternative to the bulky 
single-purpose POD adapter. 

At 11:18 AM 2003/11/14, Travis Hartnett wrote:

>There are a couple of third-party AC adaptors which will drive it, and a 
>few other pedals, all off of one space on a power strip.  Godlyke makes 
>one, as does Visual Sound.  I believe they both run about $40 once you 
>get all the connector cables you need.  I seem to remember reading that 
>the Line6 pedals all draw about 450mA apiece, but I'm not 100% certain.  
>I am sure that it's much less than the 1200mA that their supply is rated