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Re: Foot Controllers

Thanks Gary, i had a PMC 10 and i sold it here in
europe because it ewas very unstable and all of my
patches got erased about 3 times!Its ashame because i
really liked it the behringer is a reliable animal but
i can only configure it to send ccs and note ons to 2
units which makes it a pain because i have 2 loopers
plus preams and fxs processors.I would practically
need a second foot controller which i want to stay
away from...
How reliable is your pmc10? If you come across one let
me know i would maybe be willing to gine another one a

--- Relay <relaydelayband@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Louie Angulo wrote:
> Hey Gary are you using the lake buttler by any
> chance?
> can you scroll through loops back and forth with it?
> cheers
> Louie
> ------>Hey Louie--I am using the PMC-10, a very
> similar unit no longer made
> by Digitech.  I had a Lake Butler Mitigator and sold
> it to a deserving soul
> on this list about 8 months ago.  Both units can
> send the full spectrum of
> MIDI information, so they can call up any loop at
> any time (as well as
> almost anything in the MIDI spec) but I like the PMC
> better because it has 9
> patches per bank instead of 5, 500 patches possible,
> 100 banks, and 5 sets
> instead of 3, as well as supporting 2 CC pedals
> instead of 1--also Digitech
> is still in business and services the unit, whereas
> Emmett Bradford, the
> Lake Butler guy, no longer wants to support his
> products.
> The Behringer sound like a great bang for the buck,
> but I am glad I don't
> have to try to program that one--also, the PMC has a
> software editor for the
> PC written by list member Sean Echevarria that makes
> using the PMC a theta
> wave generating experience (satori anyone?) . . .
> Gary

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