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Re: loops in German radio

Hi Michael,
Schade das ich am Bodensee so weit bin aber Gott sei
Dank gibt es DRS Schweizer radio!

--- Michael Peters <mpeters@csi.com> wrote:
> German listeners, there will be a feature on loops
> in electronic music on
> WDR3. The date is: next wednesday (Nov 19) at 23:05
> p.m.
> Bjoern Gottstein, specialist for electronic music,
> plays pieces by Christian
> Fennesz, Terry Riley, Bernhard Lang, Christian
> Marclay, and Ekkehard Ehlers.
> I'm sure it'll be interesting.
> tronische+Musi
> (be sure that this URL is in one line)
> = michael peters
> = www.michaelpeters.de
> = computer graphics + electronic music

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