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Foot Controllers

Louie Angulo wrote:

Hey Gary are you using the lake buttler by any chance?
can you scroll through loops back and forth with it?

------>Hey Louie--I am using the PMC-10, a very similar unit no longer made
by Digitech.  I had a Lake Butler Mitigator and sold it to a deserving soul
on this list about 8 months ago.  Both units can send the full spectrum of
MIDI information, so they can call up any loop at any time (as well as
almost anything in the MIDI spec) but I like the PMC better because it has 
patches per bank instead of 5, 500 patches possible, 100 banks, and 5 sets
instead of 3, as well as supporting 2 CC pedals instead of 1--also Digitech
is still in business and services the unit, whereas Emmett Bradford, the
Lake Butler guy, no longer wants to support his products.
The Behringer sound like a great bang for the buck, but I am glad I don't
have to try to program that one--also, the PMC has a software editor for 
PC written by list member Sean Echevarria that makes using the PMC a theta
wave generating experience (satori anyone?) . . .