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Re: Lake buttler Mitigator question

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From: "Louie Angulo" <laab2000us@yahoo.com>
> I am gathering info about the LB mitigator how it
> compares with the fcb1010 or the pmc10.My main
> interest is to know if it can be configured to send
> ccs,note ons, etc. simultaneously to more than 5
> devices,and how friendly it is to program
> it,reliability etc.I also want to know if i could use
> it in europe changing its power cable.

Hi Louie,

The MIDI Mitigator (RFC-1) can send:
Program Change, Control Change, Pitch Change, Channel Mode, Note On, Note 
Polyphonic Aftertouch, Channel Pressure, All Notes Off, SysEx, System 
and System Real-Time messages.  The RFC-1 is easy to program and use but 
need to know hexadecimal numbers.  From the manual:
"The RFC-1 will generate, store, and transmit anyM IDI command string, up 
to 255
bytes long, allowed by the MIDI specification.  By using the "Hexidecimal 
it will generate command strings NOT allowed by the MIDI specification.  
this reason, it is the responsibility of the user to determine what 
effect, if
any, the transmitted command strings will have on the interfaced equipment.
This should be done by reading the literature provided with any equipment
interfaced with the RFC-1."

Since the Mitigator can send data to any MIDI channel, then it can control 
devices, so long as you can do it within the 255 byte limitation.  If you 
then you can split up your command between two pedals.  There are five 
labeled A, B, C, D, and E.  My unit came with a 100-130V; 50-60Hz wall 
wart.  I
have no idea if Lake Butler ever made power supplies suitable for other 
systems.  Unfortunately, Lake Butler no longer exists.  But if you have a
converter, you can use the existing supply.  I bought a converter over 
here at
Radio Shack and it worked fine in the UK and in Belgium.

Warning!  There is no support since Lake Butler is no more.  Operation is 
with the manual.  But repairs, if you ever need any, might be problematic. 
love the RFC-1 but you might wish to consider buying a newer controller 
manufacturer still exists.


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