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Re: Lake buttler Mitigator question

Bill than you very much for the info!
--- Bill Fox <billfox@fast.net> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Louie Angulo" <laab2000us@yahoo.com>
> > I am gathering info about the LB mitigator how it
> > compares with the fcb1010 or the pmc10.My main
> > interest is to know if it can be configured to
> send
> > ccs,note ons, etc. simultaneously to more than 5
> > devices,and how friendly it is to program
> > it,reliability etc.I also want to know if i could
> use
> > it in europe changing its power cable.
> Hi Louie,
> The MIDI Mitigator (RFC-1) can send:
> Program Change, Control Change, Pitch Change,
> Channel Mode, Note On, Note Off,
> Polyphonic Aftertouch, Channel Pressure, All Notes
> Off, SysEx, System Common,
> and System Real-Time messages.  The RFC-1 is easy to
> program and use but you
> need to know hexadecimal numbers.  From the manual:
> "The RFC-1 will generate, store, and transmit anyM
> IDI command string, up to 255
> bytes long, allowed by the MIDI specification.  By
> using the "Hexidecimal Mode,"
> it will generate command strings NOT allowed by the
> MIDI specification.  For
> this reason, it is the responsibility of the user to
> determine what effect, if
> any, the transmitted command strings will have on
> the interfaced equipment.
> This should be done by reading the literature
> provided with any equipment
> interfaced with the RFC-1."
> Since the Mitigator can send data to any MIDI
> channel, then it can control 16
> devices, so long as you can do it within the 255
> byte limitation.  If you can't,
> then you can split up your command between two
> pedals.  There are five pedals
> labeled A, B, C, D, and E.  My unit came with a
> 100-130V; 50-60Hz wall wart.  I
> have no idea if Lake Butler ever made power supplies
> suitable for other power
> systems.  Unfortunately, Lake Butler no longer
> exists.  But if you have a
> converter, you can use the existing supply.  I
> bought a converter over here at
> Radio Shack and it worked fine in the UK and in
> Belgium.
> Warning!  There is no support since Lake Butler is
> no more.  Operation is easy
> with the manual.  But repairs, if you ever need any,
> might be problematic.  I
> love the RFC-1 but you might wish to consider buying
> a newer controller whose
> manufacturer still exists.
> Cheers,
> Bill
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