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grrrr, postal strike...

hi all,

as those of you on this side of the atlantic will know, we've had a pretty
disastrous postal strike quite recently, which coincided with Theo Travis
and I sending out all the advanced sales and press/radio copies of our new
CD, 'For The Love Of Open Spaces'. So can you do me a big favour and let me
know if a) you got it, b) you ordered one and it hasn't arrived, or c) you
were expecting a review one and it's not there... then we can check it

And the rest of you can go and buy it via one of the many online sales
options listed at www.stevelawson.net :o)

And for the current inventory, the list of loopers on the album was 3 
EDPs, 1 DL4, 1 Kaoss Pad II and 1 MPX-G2. The whole thing was recorded and
mixed in real time, with just some mastering and a couple of fade-outs 
after... MP3s are available on my site, or via
http://www.cdbaby.com/slawson4 - oh, and we're an 'editor's pick' in the
ambient section at cdbaby... :o)

if you have got it, please let us know what you think of it.