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Echoplex problems

Hi All

Its Phill.

Ive finally had some time to sit and play with my EDP,and im having a few 
problems I thought one of you more learned users might have come across 
could perhaps advise me on what to do.
the problems i had so far are (in order) are:

1. Powered on and the Loop3 text just kept scrolling past over and over,at 
this time there was no sound coming from my guitar

2.recorded a loop with all my levels ballanced and no peaking of either 
input signal or the feedback, the loop played back AWFULLY distorted, even 
though the guitar signal that was going throught the echoplex while it was 
in play mode was clean and fine.

3.Powered up and for some reason got a number 9 that wouldnt shift on the 
screen , could not loop or operate any functions

4.while in the middle of playing a loop i heard a brief tick,or pop sound 
like what you get when you touch a metal pedal when holding you guitar, 
machine recorded the pop played it round a few times then just died.

5.another distorted freak out as described in 2.

All these have happened non concurrantly with a few uses in between each 
problem that went without a hitch.

The unit has just arrived to myself this week via mail and although it is 
not "new" it is a recent unit with loop3v5 and appears to be in good 

    Im more then a little worried that this is some serious problem as i 
have pretty much bankrupted myself getting the Plex and dont want to have 
start repairing it before the first week of use has even passed.

hope some of you will gimme the light at the end of the tunnel that i need


yours worriedly

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