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Re: Admin query

I use Netscape.  My filter looks like this:

if X-Loop contains Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
   then move to folder "Loopers Delight"

(Actually, it doesn't, but most of my lists have been changed
to something like this.  The way I figured it out was
View->Headers->All and looked for a unique line.  You can then
add the left side via the "Advanced" button on the filter 
screen, and fill out the rest of the criteria as per usual.)

Now, I realize this doesn't help in the "pre-clean" phase of
any spam deletion software that you might have, but if there's
any control you have over the email _before_ it gets to the 
pre-clean anti-spammer, that's the place to put it.
I remain,
:-Peter aka :-Dusty :-Chalk